Posted by | Ray Cornelius

Multi-talented actress Angela Bassett will make her directorial debut with a new film project for Lifetime TV based on the marriage of her late co-star Whitney Houston. According to Indie Wire, the film will chronicle the tumultuous relationship between the Grammy winning-singer, actress and model and her bad boy husband, Bobby Brown.  Reportedly, the film will follow the couple’s relationship from the time to two first met to their courtship and rocky marriage.

“I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story,”  said Bassett. “Their humanity and bond fascinates us all.  I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go behind the camera and into their world.”

Whitney Houston  will be produced by Larry Sanitsky, the acclaimed producer who worked with Bassett in last year’s Lifetime movie Betty & Coretta  featuring Mary J. Blige.

Bassett and Houston starred together in the 90s cult classic, Waiting to Exhale  and remained friends after the film.  No word YET on who will play the iconic musicians.  Whitney Houston  is schedule to air in 2015.


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