Written by | Ray Cornelius 

Whenever I can support my friends and their dreams I do so and Friday night was no exception! I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta premiere of Fetch Clay, Make Man. It’s the first production of the season for Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company and a critically acclaimed drama written by Will Power and directed by my fraternity brother, Eric J. Little.

The play is inspired by the true friendship between film actor, Stepin Fetchit and heavyweight boxing champion, Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.  Coming to fame during different generations of race relations in America, the two handled crafting their public image very differently and their perception of their place in history.


Will Power and Eric J. Little

Atlanta! Please go and see this brilliant performance. It features some of the city’s biggest and brightest actors including Rob Demery as Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and Brad Raymond as Stepin Fetchit. It also includes the beautifully talented, Danielle Deadwyler as Ali’s fiesty wife, Sonji Clay; Brian Kurlander as Hollywood film executive, William Fox; and Amari Cheatom as Brother Rashid.

While I was only able to catch the first act of the show, I was totally mesmerized by these two unlikely characters and their compelling stories. I have always been  infatuated by the history of our black icons and how they were able to prevail during hard times. This well written theatrical production exposes the sacrifices many of these men and women made in the name of fame and glory. I am definitely going back to see the full performance which runs through November 22 at the Southwest Arts Center.


Byron Horne and Rueben Cannon

Prior to the show was cocktail reception which featured appearances by Leon, Little and Power. I also spotted legendary casting director, Reuben Cannon as well as playwright and book author, Pearl Cleage and filmmaker, Byron Horne of The Horne Brothers. There was also a special presentation from Leon’s alma mater, Clark Atlanta University.

Check out all of the photos below:


ATL icons Alexis Scott, Pearl Cleage, Zaron Burnett Jr. and Pat Lottier


Kenny Leon and True Colors Theatre Company Board Members


True Colors’ Lisa Watson with Camille Love, ATL’s Office of Cultural Affairs


Eric J. Little with CAU’s Larry Calhoun and the CAU Men of the Year 2015-16


Actress Charity Jordan (left) with her husband, Justin and friend


Kenny Leon with Kimberly Clark (SocialButterflyATL) and husband


True Colors’ Ms. Francis Pepper Holley


Byron Horne taking a selfie with Will Power and Eric J. Little


CAU Men of the Year presenting a certificate to Kenny Leon

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