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Highlights from ‘Screening Room ATL’ 3rd Anniversary Party [PHOTOS]

Some of the biggest names in Georgia’s TV and film industry gathered on Wednesday evening to celebrate the third anniversary of Screening Room ATL. The event was held at the trendy Gallery 992 in the West End district of the city.

Screening Room ATL, created and hosted by actress Khalimah Gaston, is an incubator for aspiring filmmakers, actors, directors, producers and anyone else looking to get into the highly competitive entertainment industry. It is also a place for content creators to screen their projects and get immediate feedback from peers and industry professionals.

Screening Room ATL

The evening included a lively panel discussion featuring James Seppelfrick (President of Swirl Films/Studios); Rhavynn Drummer (Casting Director/Tyler Perry Studios); Darrell Thompson (Entertainment Attorney) and Rashawn Cash (Location Assistant).

TV and film actors Shaun Mixon (ATL Homicide) and Racquel Bianca John (Acrimony) were spotted in the crowd along with three cast members from Tyler Perry‘s forthcoming BET series – KJ Smith, Anthony Dalton and Kevin Walton.

See all of the photos below:

Screening Room ATL
Khalimah Gaston + Rashawn Cash + James Seppelfrick
Darrell Thompson + Rhavynn Drummer
Shaun Mixon
Shaun Mixon
Raquel John Khalimah Gaston
Racquel Bianca John + Khalimah Gaston
Rhavynn Drummer
Rhavynn Drummer
Kevin Walton KJ Smith Anthony Dalton
Kevin Walton + KJ Smith + Anthony Dalton
James Seppelfrick
Rashawn Cash
Rashawn Cash

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