Written by | Ray Cornelius

I had the pleasure of attending and covering Bobby Huntley and Nikki Wade‘s recent Atlanta premiere of their new indie film, “La Vie Magnifique De Charlie.” The screening took place at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center and was attended by their family, friends and supporters.

Bobby Huntley + Nikki Wade with their cast
Kortnee Price, Lailaa Brookings, Nikki LaShae and Ashley S. Evans

“La Vie Magnifique De Charlie,” is an exciting tale of a young girl who is adjusting to the untimely passing of her sister in an unorthodox way. The story follows an energetic, quirky girl named Charlie (Kortnee Price) and a group of her friends (Lailaa Brookings & Nikki LaShae) as they go on a series of adventurous tasks left as a final message from late sister, Brandy (Ashley S. Evans). The movie explores the experiences and interpersonal relationships of sisterhood and the portrayal of black women.

Khadija Copeland with Bryan Earl and Ashley John

The evening began with a red carpet that included appearances by most of film’s cast and crew. Prior to the screening, attendees also got a chance to see film trailers from some of Huntley’s other industry friends like Towanda Kilpatrick’s “Hussy.” Actors Bryan Earl and Ashley John also talked about starring in Huntley’s southern tale “Louisiana 1961” with the evening’s host and emcee “All Eyez on Me” actress Khadija Copeland.

Nikki Wade and Bobby Huntley

Following the film’s screening, Huntley and Wade thanked sponsors and numerous GoFundMe supporters. They also brought the entire cast and crew on stage where the film’s cinematographer LaKisha Hughes was presented with a gift by her family. Wade and Huntley also presented a token of appreciation to the film’s executive producer Chet Brewster.

See more red carpet pics below + the film’s trailer:

“La Vie Magnifique De Charlie” was written by Wade and Huntley

Towanda Kilpatrick

Actress Nadej Bailey 

Khadija Copeland

Ashley S. Evans 

Lailaa Brookings

Kortnee Price

Nikki LaShae

Priah Ferguson plays young Brandy

Kai N. Ture plays young Charlie

Laura Pointdexter stars as Vivian

Bobby Huntley with his mother

Nikki Wade and Bobby Huntley 

Khadija Copeland

Bryan Earl

Ashley John 

Khadija Copeland

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