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Fruitvale Station‘s leading actors Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan cover JET!

octavia-spencer-michael-b-jordan-fruitvale-station-jet-magazine-the-jasmine-brand-680x980The two dish on how they prepared for their roles and the emotions that were sparked while they re-enacted Oscar Grant’s tragic story.

Jordan, disclosed his impression of the media’s  criminalization of Oscar Grant:

The way media spins Black men… Once this happened, Oscar is all of a sudden a  criminal, a degenerate

On the contrast between the media’s treatment of Adam Lanza, Octavia noted:

When Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed those children,  news outlets painted him with empathy… They don’t do that when dealing with a  young man of color— even if they are killed for no reason.

Fruitvale Station has been receiving Oscar-buzz and support from A-list actor Jamie Foxx.  Recently Foxx tweeted:

WOW. @FruitvaleMovie is a movie for the ages! @MichaelB4Jordan & @OctaviaSpencer give the performances of a lifetime!


Fruitvale Station is in theatres now, check it out!