Posted by | Cyrena Rose

Is talk show host Wendy Williams going back to her first love? 

Yes, in the future…on her own terms…she will return to radio! 

“There are aspects of radio that I do miss, and I would like to go back to radio and I will.” 

A few conditions need to be met before she gets in the sound booth again, though.  “When I go back to radio it’s going to be on my own terms,” she asserted.  “I don’t want to play music, I want to talk.”

As of now, her schedule is busy with her syndicated Wendy Williams Show and aspirations to do more acting.  After having a small role in the hit movie, Think Like A Man (Wendy played Gail, the wife of Cedric played by Kevin Hart) she is being pursued for more roles.

“Because of that role, I’ve gotten other scripts,” Wendy said.  “I’m hoping that this summer I will be on a movie set some place doing something.  I want to be comedic.”

Wendy fans needn’t worry, her talk show has been renewed for 2 more seasons (it’s in season 3 now) and although radio is calling her name; she won’t be returning to her first love anytime soon.