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‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all…or is it?

Tennis superstar Serena Williams confessed to Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview, at the Sleep Sheets launch she has “given up on dating.”  The 30-year-old stated, “It just hasn’t worked out well for me.”

Serena added, “I’m a really emotional person.  I give my all and everything.  I do make mistakes-like every human does-but the last relationship just was too much of a heart-break for me.  I just can’t go through that anymore.  It was hard.”

No more Common?  He and Serena dated of-and-on for three years and Common has made it clear he still has feelings for her.  She has been linked to rapper Drake and film director Brett Ratner as well, so who broke her heart?  Serena would not say!

The tennis champ said she will focus on her game and not dating.  In 86 days she will compete in the London Olympics and hopes to add to her two doubles medals in prior Games.  Serena also hopes to reclaim her title as the world’s No. 1-ranked female player.

“I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so,” Serena added.  “I can’t get involved.”

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